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  1. Taker
    Sat May 15, 2010 12:32 am
    Message by Taker - read this
    Tonight's meeting outlined:

    As you all know that SA rights were revoked last week for all members except for Broly and Taker. If you're SA was removed please don't take it personally. EliteGF needs operate like any other good organization with people that are willing to work for the title and the rights to have SA. Another way at looking at a SA is to describe them as "Service Administrators/Attendants". This comes with duties, expectations, sacrifice, representation and most importantly besides clan moderation is clan assistance. I consider it a honor to service eGF in all its needs, but it is more than one or a few people can do successfully.

    Clan council being implemented and is now active.The council will consist of 8 select members and these select individuals will part of the "EliteGF - Knightz of the round". EliteGf has been in need of additional staff to maintain the morale and wellness of our community. EGF council will make important decisions for the clan, in example; who stays in EGF and who is dismissed, clan activities, server moderation, handle any member disputes that may occur and etc.

    Being part of the council has its perks and drawbacks, as being apart of the "EGF Knightz" has mandatory meetings at least once or twice a month. There will be about 8 members in the council. Some have already been chosen and have took oath.

    As of this far the council consist of:


    If you want to serve EliteGF and be a part of the EGF Knightz, then you must show it by your works, commitment, reputation, honesty, integrity, activeness, dependability and you will be considered. there is limited openings for this position. There is also other roles in the clan that members can can be in that will also give them SA rights, but that will be very limited to a select few which will be decided by the Knightz in meeting.

    All eGF members will retain CA rights and be given limited server control as long these rights are not abused. All members in eGF very important and everyone's opinions are also important, the council been created in servicing the clan members concerns, suggestions, and issues.

    Remember one cannot have a title without doing the works to earn it! if you have any questions or concerns please feel to post them here.

    I want to thank all eGF members for making eGF the best clan to be in, and it only gets better from here. There are rules that must be followed and the Knightz are expected to display fairness, concern, document any issues on the forums, and serve eGF with the best of their abilities.

    Additional information will posted soon about tonight's meeting. EliteGF is a serious clan with a good reputation, its expected that every eGF member keep our public and non public view excellent.

    EliteGF is built on friendships, trust, attitude, commitment, excellence and support of one another. Wearing the eGF tag is something to be proud of and to protect.

    I would like to give thanks for all those who showed for tonights meeting and for those wanted to and couldn't.

    Thanks again!

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