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 Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!

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Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!! Empty
PostSapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!

Occasionally I like to share little tips and tricks I learn about general technology with people so i'm going to share something with you guys that is INCREDIBLY useful.

It comprises of 2 small apps than can be easily obtained. The first is dropbox (www.dropbox.com). Dropbox is essentially a folder that goes on your computer and anything you put in this magic little folder will automatically be sharable to any other dropbox user that you give permission to. This handy little service is free and comes with 2GB of storage. Here an example; If i wanted to send a cod4 mod to broly I might set up a mods folder in my dropbox folder. I would then go to dropbox.com and give broly access to that folder. I could then simply put that mod in the mods folder and almost instantly it would sync to the interweb and magically appear in broly's dropbox folder on his computer. So how is the helpful/benificial to the clan. Well most competition sites require demos to be kept so each member could drop their demos in the dropbox folder to be accessed by a designated person to keep demos. Cool huh?!! But wait!!! There's more!!!

The second little utility is called link shell extension (google it). This basically places a link from one directory to another as if they were in the same folder. Soo, as an example I could set up a link between my cod4 demo folder to my dropbox folder and it would be as if they were in the same folder meaning that i never have to move the file...it's just there.

This whole system is really easy to set up and I would be willing to help anyone out who is interested. BTW, this is also really great for someone collecting footage for montages.

On a side note. I dabble in World of Warcraft but I play on both my laptop and desktop. I set this up so that my WoW profile is synced between both so that I never lose any of my config settings.

O.K. I'm spent

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Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!! :: Comments

Re: Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!
Post on Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:34 am by eGF>Nuffs4id<
sounds like a virus waiting in a folder for ya lols
Re: Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!
Post on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:29 pm by eGF|Taranis
Hey Sapper
Thanks for the tips
Not many members realize the nature of your wisdom
Re: Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!
Post on Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:16 pm by eGF|Fury
Well I typed a really long response to this and somehow lost it installing dropbox, lol. In short, I like the tool and have created us a shared folder for ELiteGF clan related graphics as stated below. If you want to share post your email here and I will send you the access email.

"Share any clan graphics related material here. Like Photoshop files .psu, jpegs, mpegs. Please do not use this for movie, avi's or etc as they generally take up too much space."

Great idea Josh/Sapper, nice post!

I am personally going to add some stuff I was and am working on in photoshop there. If you have photoshop then feel free to download and modify and re-save a group project in "our" shared folder. We can work photoshop files together. I think it's a great way to share a project. A game mods folder would be nice if anyone else wants to make another clan related shared folder on your pc.

Thank You,


Sapper's Tip/Trick of the day!!!!

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